2011 — Present

Lettering projects

Here you will find a selection of lettering projects that I've been doing in the last years.

'Overblack' for Magnética Magazine

In this competition, we were meant to explore the importance of the black book in the creative process.
This is an homage to failure, experimentation and doing what you need to do. There are no boundaries or limits in your black book. You're free to do what you want without being afraid of judgemental opinions.
Through photography, I shot a black book and painted it all over with acrylic paint. It was really experimental and the main reason to get in this competition was to be able to do more manual work. Which was great!

APPLIED SKILLS: Photoshop, photography
CLIENT: Magnética Magazine

APRIL 2016

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"Lisboa" poem

I’ve worked and studied in Lisbon (Lisboa in portuguese) for 7 years. A lot of good and bad things happened there. Now that I’ve moved to London and the sun is starting to appear I felt the need to do an homage to the city where I was born with the words of one of the greatest portuguese writers ever: Fernando Pessoa.

APPLIED SKILLS: Photoshop, illustrator

MAY 2015

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Moonshot Thinking

Or the art of aiming for 10x better than 10%.
Read more about the reason of this illustration


MAY 2015

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United States of Europe

Theeuropean debt crisis is the failure of the euro (currency). An intimate but flawed manner of gather of 17 countries.
1999 the euro (currency) was born and with it the European Central Bank was founded. With the ECB instead of different monetary policies within countries it was expected that the European Union would be strengthened by adopting the euro. The problem is that there are different fiscal policies in the countries involved, which contributes massively to the actual european debt crisis.
This project could only be sustainable by a common monetary and fiscal approach for all the countries using the euro as a currency. Which would mean a stronger and united power: The United States of
With the increasing debt of Greece, this project seems to be far from the truth since one of the countries involved is already falling apart. The EU should predict that the euro wouldn’t be sustainable because you can’t solve a financial problem without common monetary and fiscal policies in the involved countries.
My concept aims to put people to think about the real meaning of Europe and the euro. And although the countries using
euro as a currency are independent they are completely dependent of what happens with the other countries. And this is bad for the EU, but even worse for those who have the euro currency: The United States of Europe. A non institutionalised union with no name given.
Uniting Europe is a goal pursued for many years. By changing the currencies of each country into a common one would be the answer for easier and cheaper business between countries.

APPLIED SKILLS: Photoshop, illustrator
CLIENT: Graphic Design Festival Scotland [Competition]


Rise & Shine

Are you a morning person?


MAY 2015


Because you can always be surprised by it.

TOOLS: Illustrator

JUNE 2015

TIME time

TOOLS: Illustrator


Looking for a freelancer?

Self-promotion piece.

TOOLS: Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop

JUNE 2014

Poesia Monumental

Poster for a spoken word event in Lisbon.

TOOLS: Illustrator

APRIL 2011

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Bright! Typoleistung

CONCEPT: Leistung is the german word for Performance, in this way I found out that "Typoleistung" would be a fine word to describe the nature of the project without focusing in what was written but how it was represented. 
Since I am
portuguese and I don't know how to speak german, it would be a nice challenge to work with unknown words so I could focus myself on a very important thing, the visual comunication
My inspiration was the beach related elements, like sand and water because you can draw anything you imagine with those two elements. Like a child "cooks" ideas and feelings in the sand, I cooked typography in
this very unique way. The background pattern was the metaphore for that same "cooking" performance.

TOOLS: Illustrator
CLIENT: SLANTED [Submission to the Bright! Catalogue]

MARCH 2012