Let the idea define the output.

With over a decade of experience, my work is marked by crafting impactful brand identities and typefaces.

With a fusion of creative thinking and strategic insight I am driven by the art of crafting compelling visual narratives, while also engineering systems that can be confidently used by the team that will take on the work I've contributed to.

What defines my approach is a dedicated commitment to tailoring design solutions and collaborative processes for each partner I engage with. One of the constants I'm proud of is to make the freelancer-agency dynamic or designer-client relationship not only stress-free but also an enriching experience, where creativity thrives.

The value I place on safeguarding the confidentiality intrinsic to the projects I'm involved prompts me to keep much of my portfolio discreet. Thanks for your understanding.

Currently freelancing at R/GA.

Also open to (remote) permanent positions.

Wolff Olins
BBC Studios
BBC Creative
Discovery Creative

Awards & Features
Art Director's Club Awards – Merit for Typography (wildcard)
Fresh Future – Carbon for Motion Graphics and Graphic Design
Indigo Awards – Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image & Silver in Promotional Materials 
Pentawards – Gold Medal for Luxury Wine & Champagne Packaging
Featured at Behance
Brand New | Underconsideration
For Print Only | Underconsideration
Creativepool Top 25 Typographers 
The Dieline  
TimeOut Lisbon

SINAL Exhibition — 100 anos de Design das Telecomunicações e dos Correios em Portugal (Porto, PT)
Big Kitchen Exhibition (Lisbon, Faro & Porto Design Bienalle 2019)
V Encontro de Tipografia
IV Encontro de Tipografia

"Mistaker Maker" @ First Round by UnderConsideration
"Typography is multidimensional" @ Aveiro University
"Big Kitchen – The Process behind the exhibition" @ BBC Creative (internal design team)
"Big Kitchen – The Process behind the exhibition" @ IX Algarve Design Meeting, IADE Creative University
"Big Kitchen – The Process behind the exhibition" @ IADE Creative University
"Big Kitchen – The Process behind the exhibition" @ Cowork Lisboa

Add Fuel
A3 Arquitectos
AXA Insurance
BBC Doctor Who
BBC Earth
BBC Films
BBC iPlayer
Brixton Motorcycles
Casa Ferreirinha
Change Please Coffee
Chalkdown Cider
Cheaters (BBC)
Clan Macgregor (Grants)
Extinction Rebellion
Golem Network
Greene King
IHG Hotels & Resorts
Killing Eve
Marlings Wine
Martina Haircvlt
Max (HBO & Warner Bros)
Mistaker Maker
Normal People (BBC)
Red Bull
Sky 0 (zero)
The Watch (BBC)
Twig Education

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portfolio & case studies upon request
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snippets of work that make me proud. 

➝ Big Kitchen Exhibition @ Porto Design Bienalle 2019

➝ Cohere rebrand @ Pentagram (Jody & Luke Powell's team)

➝ Add Fuel bespoke typeface.

➝ Tractable Rebrand designed at Pentagram (Jody & Luke Powell team).

➝ Mistaker Maker Rebrand & First Round Talk (London)

➝ Eluria Capitals Typeface commissioned by Design For Tomorrow.

some buckets of exploration, smaller projects, work that didn't make the cut and daily-life things that made me look. 


João has the ability to look at projects in a different way than many designers, taking a much more thoughtful and considered approach that leads to unconventional and unexpected solutions that both delight and communicate while offering a well-rounded and exciting set of skills that any client, partner, or collaborator will benefit from. He is also a super nice person.
Armin Vit, UnderConsideration

João truly is a rare talent. He seamlessly blends creative curiosity with systematic prowess. His work is thoughtful and epitomises the much talked about but rarely achieved practice of tackling complex problems to produce solutions that appear effortlessly simple. A meticulous attention to detail, dedication to craft alongside a strong appetite to explore emerging tools, Joao brings surprising and versatile ideas that help to push any brief forward. I cannot recommend João enough and look forward to every opportunity to work with him.
Kyle Wheeler, Executive Creative Director @ R/GA

In the whirlwind of the Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam in 2016, I stumbled upon a quiet force to be reckoned with: João Miranda. His magnetic blend of quiet confidence, warmth, and humility drew us in like moths to a creative flame. And when I discovered his niche in typography design, I was instantly entranced by his profound mastery of this intricate art. Fast forward to 2019, when I embarked on a journey to London to commission a bespoke typeface for a financial rebranding project with Design For Tomorrow. João's encyclopedic knowledge, unrelenting eye for detail, and fervor for crafting something extraordinary left me in awe. Our creative alliance expanded beyond borders, as we collaborated to develop custom typefaces for opulent property developments, energy titans, bespoke publishing endeavors, and upscale lifestyle brands. Throughout these intricate endeavors, João upheld the highest ethical standards, radiated humility, and effortlessly molded client feedback into remarkable final designs. Nowadays, when faced with an intriguing creative challenge, I scramble to secure João's invaluable time. His custom typefaces infuse our projects with distinction, making them feel meticulously crafted. Collaborating with João is not just a professional delight, but a genuine friendship that elevates every endeavor to sublime heights. In the realm of type design, João is a true , elegant luminary, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have his brilliance at my side.
Ric Gindap, CEO / Creative Director + Chief Strategist at Design For Tomorrow

João is a rare breed. And it’s no coincidence he quickly became affectionately known as J-wow! He has bags of raw talent and can turn any project into a work of art. But he brings much more than outstanding natural ability; he is cool under pressure, friendly and always offers interesting insights. Is he the Cristiano Ronaldo of design? Definitely. But without any of the arrogance.
Chris Meaton, Senior Creative at Ogilvy

I worked closely with João on many different projects and every time he delivered the best possible outcome. He was on the beginning of his career but his positive attitude, creative mind and technical skills made him one of the most reliable person to work with. Not only he's an amazing designer but also an intelligent person, which I think is a valuable asset for every company. João Miranda is the perfect example of a hard working talented person.
Joel Martins, Senior Telecom Business Lead at Google

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