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Trip to Rome


In the end of January, I went for four days to Rome. And it is indeed a beautiful city. One of those where literally you only feel like walking around and everything you'll see might be even better looking than what you saw earlier in that day. I like to call it an open air museum. You have plenty of things to see and you can put your mind at ease because you'll definitely not see even a 1/10 of what this city has to offer. I've seen quite a lot of images of this city before this trip and even before what design was. It's the city where students don't need books with images as they have everything there. It's incredible.

I took some photos of the city, because I would love to keep some souvenirs from the city, but I also wanted to have a different eye on the things that I see. You know, there are so many good photos of things that I saw in Rome. I just felt that it was ok try to show something else or at least with a different perspective from the photos that you find when you search for Rome images in Google.

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