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Weekend in Jersey


Last Friday morning I flew Jersey. A beautiful island in the north of France, shared by French and English culture. Although it's winter and the weather can be quite terrible for footpaths close to the sea, I still fell in love by the amazing places that this islands has to offer. Besides all of these amazing places to visit and explore I was quite surprised by the diversified signage that you can find in Jersey's villages. Engraved stone, metallic scripts, golden foil on windows, painted tiles, you name it. A lot of different styles too. And as a designer I was quite surprised by this. If you're living in London it's just an hour flight from Gatwick to get there. Plan ahead and you manage to see the whole island in couple days. It could be less, but this is not London, and therefore you have to be aware that, depending on the bus that you need to take, you might have one bus in every 2 hours.
You can see all the photos that I took in my flickr album.

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