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30th May 2016 - No Comments!

Paradise by White Lungs

This month was hard to pick. Radiohead just released a new album and probably there’s already way too many people talking about it. That’s why I picked another great album from a lesser known band: White Lung.

With extremely hot and exciting riffs and Mish Way’s unique voice Paradise will definitely give you enough energy to get through those busy days of work.

Their cover is a really clever form of decoupage where the lack of uniformity turns this cover something worth to rediscover every time you listen to them. Working with pop elements that you can easily find in magazines or posters, reassembled in a very D.I.Y. and raw aesthetic, giving you the punk elements that inspired covers like God Save the Queen.

Surely an album to make your blood pumping.

30th May 2016 - No Comments!

Slanted 27 / Portugal

For this month, I'll make an exception in the book section bringing you a very special Slanted Magazine about Portugal.

Slanted is well known for publishing a great body of work on typography and graphic design. In their #27, they interviewed most of the prominent Portuguese designers, type designers, illustrators and design studios. It is great to see so many talented friends in the spotlight through their work and words. But besides work, there were 3 very interesting and insightful articles on Austerity (by Violeta Santos-Moura), the Pioneers of Portuguese Design (by Mac Cormack) and few others that will definitely help to contextualize the Portuguese design scene.
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5th May 2016 - No Comments!

New lettering project: Overblack

In some lettering news, couple weeks ago I've entered in the Magnética Magazine competition: Overblack.

We were meant to explore the importance of the black book in the creative process.
This is an homage to failure, experimentation and doing what you need to do. There are no boundaries or limits in your black book. You're free to do what you want without being afraid of judgemental opinions.
Through photography, I shot a black book and painted it all over with acrylic paint. It was really experimental and the main reason to get in this competition was to be able to do more manual work. Which was great!