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Slanted 27 / Portugal

For this month, I'll make an exception in the book section bringing you a very special Slanted Magazine about Portugal.

Slanted is well known for publishing a great body of work on typography and graphic design. In their #27, they interviewed most of the prominent Portuguese designers, type designers, illustrators and design studios. It is great to see so many talented friends in the spotlight through their work and words. But besides work, there were 3 very interesting and insightful articles on Austerity (by Violeta Santos-Moura), the Pioneers of Portuguese Design (by Mac Cormack) and few others that will definitely help to contextualize the Portuguese design scene.

There's not much that I want to say about this magazine because it's one of those that you should really get, not only for the visual candies that you will find there but mainly because it's been a long time since I've put my hands in something that assembles so many talented people from Portugal in such an interesting format.

"The cosmopolitan Lisbon is one of the last Western European capitals awakening from its deep slumber."

Creatively, [not only Lisbon but] Portugal is a country that is going full steam ahead and with many great things to share with us for the next years.

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