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21st November 2016 - No Comments!

We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest

They are back! And we needed them!

A dirty artwork as if it was done by a kid that makes me feel that they say thank you to the very organized chaos (that we can call society) and then a kid (let's try millennials here) occupied the scene with a crayon drawing on top assuming its position of consciousness that is much needed. A bit like they did 18 years ago with the hip-hop movement and the world, once again they're back with an epic album that is much needed if we think about how's the world today.

And what we need is what A Tribe Called Quest always gave us: good vibes and PMA. Right now (or ever), I would say that we don't need more gangster rap and white collar gangsters. 2016, a year where love is leaving us and anti-migration politics are becoming stronger in stronger, with this album ATCQ rage against the toxic mentality that is conquering the western world. I grew up with people that say how much they love music but kinda hate philosophy classes. Well, this album is just one more example of how philosophy and music can be just one thing. And how great minds can make us thing through their lyrics. Hit play and let this album repeat and resonate in your mind. It will help you wake up from the numbness the social media brought us into.


14th October 2016 - No Comments!

Yes Lawd! by NxWorries

After Anderson .Paak released his album Malibu earlier this year, the R&B artist didn’t stop to surprise anybody who felt that this kind of music needed some refreshment and novelty into it. His collaboration with the producer Knxwledge gave birth to this brilliant album.

I guess, there's no need to over explain the artwork, but it's safe to say that looking at an old wall with different layers of paint on top of it can represent that maturity these 2 artists have and how far back they can go to get inspiration from. The X, is already present in Knxwledge, but in this case, can not only represent both artists connection but also a kiss instead of a hug. Which I definitely imagine that being a case when I listen to Livvin or What More Can I Say.

30th June 2016 - No Comments!

Trans Day of Revenge by G.L.O.S.S.

It's an awesome feeling when something as raw as G.L.O.S.S. (an acronym for “Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit") can still freshen up things in the punk-hardcore music.

Powerful lyrics, screaming their heart out with tight riffs and loose guitar solos that remind me the freedom of Black Flag compositions.

The artwork couldn't be more raw. Enough with the old b/w photocopy or the collages inspired by Vivienne Westwood. Punk hardcore explores a lot of doubts, most of them are addressed in our adolescence. Their artwork reminds me the old drawings in the corner of the page of your history school book. It was your inner rebel being expressed with rough words, scribbles and drawings. And for that, I love this album cover. Check them out!

30th May 2016 - No Comments!

Paradise by White Lungs

This month was hard to pick. Radiohead just released a new album and probably there’s already way too many people talking about it. That’s why I picked another great album from a lesser known band: White Lung.

With extremely hot and exciting riffs and Mish Way’s unique voice Paradise will definitely give you enough energy to get through those busy days of work.

Their cover is a really clever form of decoupage where the lack of uniformity turns this cover something worth to rediscover every time you listen to them. Working with pop elements that you can easily find in magazines or posters, reassembled in a very D.I.Y. and raw aesthetic, giving you the punk elements that inspired covers like God Save the Queen.

Surely an album to make your blood pumping.

14th April 2016 - No Comments!

Gore by Deftones

It's with great enthusiasm that I put my headphones on while listening to this album. It has that perfect calm and storm contrast that is often characteristic of this band.

Start with their first tune, Prayers/Triangles, and you know what I mean. I think the album cover captures what I feel when I listen to Gore; a beautiful and elegant flamboyance of flamingos that transmits as much energy as a perfect storm and as much wonder as when you're watching National Geographic's instagram feed.

28th March 2016 - No Comments!

Untitled Unmastered by Kendrick Lamar

From a design perspective, it's great that once in a while we see such powerful content absolutely unbranded and unnamed. What you hear is what you get. Untitled Unmastered gives you no reason to ignore it until you give it a go and hear it for the very first time. After his highly awarded and powerful To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick shares with the world what, apparently, was not good enough to be in TPAP. In this post I will not talk about is music, because as a big fan of his writing, anything I would write wouldn't be good enough to describe it. Now, about the album cover, it's great to see someone so humble and so successful that doesn't feel the need to hide behind appealing visuals to send his message.

In a culture where everything you share is highly curated, sometimes it's great to step back and just give room to the content.

27th February 2016 - No Comments!

Masala by Jibóia

Lisbon is all trendy and cool nowadays but on the very edge of it, the freshest tunes will be played by Jibóia. The guitar of Óscar and the drums by Ricardo Martins will definitely keep you going on these hypnotic and vibrant oriental rhythms. It will make you feel like travelling in a midnight train where everyone's body is asleep while their minds are dancing to this groovy album.
Design and Art Direction by my lovely friend Margarida Borges and Photography by Luís Martins.

27th January 2016 - No Comments!

Blackstar by David Bowie

Farewell Space boy. In this month, the world lost a genius. And this album as everyone know is his tribute to his fans. But what I find really interesting in his story is the lesson that he gave us. In a world where everything is apparently meant to be shared (online), Bowie, as a huge superstar that he was, managed to cover is life from the limelight. We live in a world where a celebrity makes huge buzz when something very personal happens to him or her. We've read a lot of celebs with cancer that did this and that. It must be horrible to acknowledge a disease that will change your whole perspective on life but, what about your family? Do they want to be over exposed to this? I've recently read an interview with Grimes on The Happy Reader where she mentioned why Lauryn Hill "disappeared". She reached a point where some magazine would publish some photos of her, judging her look while she went to shop some groceries without makeup. Isn't that horrible? To be judged by such a tinny thing as that one?

I've never been a David Bowie aficionado, but it's never too late to learn and to appreciate something, right? Otherwise we would never listen to Richard Wagner, read Fernando Pessoa or even use Helvetica. Might be a long first post, but this isn't just an album, it's the last and great message from our Brixton boy.