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8th November 2016 - No Comments!

Before the Flood

Last weekend I watched something that should be mandatory for everybody.

Before the flood can be the last wake up call for Humanity and its sinful behavior.

The need of living a sustainable life has been addressed for decades but its being ignored by the mainstream media. We’ve seen the floods, we’ve heard about the new high-temperature records, we saw people starving and without clean water, and in most, if not all of those cases, we’ve just kept scrolling or changed the TV channel as if it was nothing that could affect us.

The truth is that it currently is a major problem for every human being.

Please do everybody a favor, watch this, spread the word and make some changes in your life. I know it’s a 1h35min long but if we think that Globally, people spend more than 50 minutes a day across Facebook’s suite of apps (not including WhatsApp), and the return you get from that is mainly gossip and perhaps bits of relevant information, you can surely fit in this in your schedule and wake up to serious problems that can and WILL affect all of our lives.

You may think that my tone of voice is a bit too drastic but we are approaching and creating a reality for our planet that I don’t want my grandkids to be part of.

Watching this documentary is not enough. We need to take action, therefore I’m pointing out few things that you need to have a look to help you reevaluate your lifestyle:

  1. Know your footprint on the planet;
  2. Cut the meat as much as possible. I felt many benefits on my health by doing this;
  3. It's not hard to improve your lifestyle to be more sustainable. There are a bunch of apps to help you with that;
  4. If possible, cycle to work. Personally, I save an average of +4h a week on commute while doing some sports. It's true that today I've cycled with 2ºC, but that only means that my morning coffee will taste even better.

So pretty please, with sugar on top, spread the word about this.

Ignoring this issue may be ignoring a future.