CLIENT: Add Fuel
APPLIED SKILLS: Type design, identity and motion design


Add Fuel

I was commissioned to do the logo and a typeface by Diogo Machado (a.k.a. Add Fuel) who is a prolific portuguese street artist that is bringing a new life to the old portuguese tradition of “azulejo”. His highly recognizable work is defined mostly by the use of tiles and stencil which informed the concept for the visual identity and a bespoke font.
Diogo’s stencil technique always makes the use of at least 2 colours, which is why that instead of developing a “stencil looking font”, I end up creating a colour font where he can use 2 layers and apply 2 different colours to it.
In order to bring life to his brand, I’ve also developed a logo animation that reinforces the ‘square’ as the starting point of Diogo’s work.

— A logo that reflects the artist's work

— A bespoke typeface