AGENCY: LittleHawk
APPLIED SKILLS: Art Direction, Type Design, Pattern Design, Lettering, Managing, Brand Guidelines


BBC Doctor Who

Had the pleasure to be involved in this project, starting with research & concept development, while going through an idea generation phase with the creative director and the rest of the team in order to develop a brand launch video that would stand up to the heritage of DW and its future.

— Brand launch video

— Main logo

— Responsive Logo

Since the minimum size of the BBC logo is 10mm we proposed a tool that allowed the logo to be scaled up and down without changing the size of the BBC logo. This ensures a greater versatility of the logo while helping the designers to make the most of the provided assets.

— Attention to detail

Once the wordmark was approved it was carefully redrawn in order to keep the best proportions between the letters while balancing with the BBC logo.


— Typography

The logo is probably one of the most important assets of a brand like this, and since so much of the brand is type-led it is important to find a suitable workhorse type family that fulfils all the brand needs.

— Logo collection

Main version, secondary version, horizontal version and insignia.

— Patterns

In order to ensure versatility a set of patterns where created together with a set of rules that allows any designer to extend DW's pattern collection. These patterns where developed having in mind the print production working as a workable alternative to the render background from the main key visual. Set as a combination of 4 symbols in Adobe Illustrator, you can easily tweak the shapes and change its colours while previewing those changes in two frameworks: Dense pattern (4x8 modules) and Light pattern (2 modules). When the production method allows it to be used there's a gradient mesh to overlay the pattern and add depth to it.

DW-Previous Logos Comparison-01DW-Previous Logos Comparison-01