CLIENT: Sara Correia & Ricardo Camponês
APPLIED SKILLS: Art Direction, Lettering, illustration, Graphic Design, Artwork


Wedding Invitation

This couple have a huge passion for music and going to a music show is definitely a highlight in their lives. With this, they asked me to do their wedding invitation with a very specific approach: to be inspired by a ticket for a music show. The kind of vintage look, without looking old was how I imagined it. Starting by illustrating the beautiful place by the lake where they will get married, the wedding is going to take place in a region of the north of Portugal that makes you feel that you’ve travelled back in time. 
This wedding invitation is meant to make all the guests wonder how this wedding is going to be and to keep a beautiful piece of paper for moments of nostalgia in the future, taking them to this vintage 
and music-led wedding of their beloved friends Sara & Ricardo.

Sara&Ricardo ConvitesSara&Ricardo Convites
Sara&Ricardo ConvitesSara&Ricardo Convites
Sara&Ricardo ConvitesSara&Ricardo Convites